Norwich Image Interpretation Course

Heidi Nunn (Advanced Practice Reporting Radiographer)

Welcome to the case of the month

Each month, we will publish a new image for registered users to interpret, and then provide opportunity for reflection after review of the gold-standard report.

The images have been selected to reflect normal cases seen within the Emergency Department, or occasionally as GP referrals. They are not designed to demonstrate unusual or obscure pathologies, but rather to test the interpreter in concepts and learning points such as:

  • Satisfaction of search
  • Review areas and checking the whole image
  • Soft tissue signs
  • Associated fractures/dislocations
  • Mechanism of injury predicting specific injuries
  • Fractures only identified on specific projections
  • Fractures seen on suboptimal imaging
  • Subtle fractures that are very common
  • Pathological fractures
  • Fracture classifications
  • Practice at difficult descriptions
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